Vitamin T: Threads and Textiles in Contemporary Ar

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Celosvětový průzkum více než 100 umělců, kteří byli vybráni odborníky na umělecká díla pro práci s vlákny, šitím a textilem

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Název: Vitamin T: Threads and Textiles in Contemporary Ar  ISBN: 9780714876610  Jazyk: Anglicky  Rok:   EAN: 9780714876610  Hmotnost: 3.20 kg  Vazba: pevná  Počet stran: 304  Rozměr: 250x290 mm  Nakladatel: Phaidon
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Detail knihy ~ Vitamin T: Threads and Textiles in Contemporary Ar, Jenelle Porter

A global survey of more than 100 artists, chosen by art-world professionals for their work with threads, stitching, and textiles

Celebrating tapestry, embroidery, stitching, textiles, knitting, and knotting as used by visual artists worldwide, Vitamin T is the latest in the celebrated Vitamin series in which leading curators, critics, and art professionals nominate living artists for inclusion.

As boundaries between art and craft have blurred, artists have increasingly embraced these materials and methods, with the resulting works being coveted by collectors and exhibited in museums worldwide. Vitamin T is a vibrant and incredibly timely survey - the first of its kind.

Jenelle Porter was formerly senior curator at ICA Boston and curator at ICA Philadelphia and is author of numerous publications and essays on contemporary art and craft.

Vitamin T: Threads and Textiles in Contemporary Ar