Rodin / Arp

Informace, 2020
PopisDva mistři ve vzájemném dialogu
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"originální autorská záložka do knihy"

NakladatelHatje Cantz
Rok vydání
Hmotnost2.10 Kg
Rozměr274x300 mm
Počet stran376

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Dva mistři ve vzájemném dialogu Rodin / Arp, autor kolektiv autorů.

Anotace knihy " Rodin / Arp, autor kolektiv autorů"

For the first time in a museum exhibition—and hence, in this catalogue—the groundbreaking work of a great innovator of late-nineteenth-century sculpture encounters the influential work from a protagonist of twentieth-century abstract sculpture: Auguste Rodin meets Hans (Jean) Arp. Both artists are characterized by their unique artistic innovations and the joy of experimentation; both strongly influenced their eras and have lost nothing of their topicality to this day. As sculptural milestones, the creations of Rodin and Arp illustrate in a vivid and exemplary way fundamental aspects in the development of modern sculpture. Rodin’s pioneering ideas and new artistic horizons for sculpture were taken up by Arp and fascinatingly developed, reinterpreted, or contrasted. Indeed, both oeuvres exhibit numerous artistic affinities and points of reference, which become a particularly revealing visual experience in this clever juxtaposition.

AUGUSTE RODIN (1840–1917) led sculpture to new forms of expression, ultimately approaching Impressionism stylistically with his dynamic surface, while also under the influence of Symbolism, in terms of content. Sculptures such as The Thinker, The Kiss or The Burghers of Calais are among the icons of modernism.

HANS (JEAN) ARP (1886–1966), founder of the Dada movement in Zurich, is known for his biomorphic sculptures in plaster, stone, and bronze. He sought the expression of “organic abstraction.” His oeuvre also includes paintings, drawings, and poems..
Hatje Cantz

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