Material Innovation: Packaging Design

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Materiálová technologie je jediným nejdůležitějším činitelem změny, od budov, ve kterých žijeme a pracujeme, až po oblečení, které nosíme

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Název: Material Innovation: Packaging Design  ISBN: 9780500291979  Jazyk: Anglicky  Rok:   EAN: 9780500291979  Hmotnost: 1.00 kg  Vazba: měkká  Počet stran: 208  Rozměr: 190×240 mm  Nakladatel: Thames & Hudson
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Detail knihy ~ Material Innovation: Packaging Design, Andrew H. Dent, Leslie Sherr

Materials technology is the single most important agent of change in our entire designed landscape, from the buildings in which we live and work to the clothes we wear

The third book in the Material Innovation series, features carefully selected packaging products that showcase the innovative use of a particular material. The book focuses on specific categories
• sustainable packaging
• functional forms
• dispensing systems
• advanced protection
• interactive
• mass craft
Coverage of the projects is extensive, from ‘plantable’ packaging that can be buried in soil, later to emerge as a plant, to bottle labels that react to music and bespoke, collectible jars of Marmite XO.

Seven specially commissioned ‘visual narratives’ by experts in the field are included. The extensive illustrated materials directory contains detailed information on over 100 materials.

Material Innovation: Packaging Design