The Secret Teachings of All Ages

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Embracing an expansive range of occult teachings, this vast encyclopedia unveils the arcane myths and mysteries of thousands of years of human civilization. First published in 1928, Manly Palmer Hall’s magnum opus has been meticulously reproduced in its original size in collaboration with his archives at the Philosophical Research Society.

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Detail knihy ~ The Secret Teachings of All Ages, Manly Palmer Hall

The classic encyclopedia of the arcane in an expanded edition Renowned philosopher and lecturer Manly P. Hall’s masterful encyclopedia of ancient symbols, hidden rituals, and arcane practices has remained a classic since first published in 1928. Hall’s densely detailed writings explore topics ranging from Hermeticism to Tarot, Egyptian mythology to Pythagorean theory. Each chapter is accompanied by the vivid illustrations of artist J. Augustus Knapp, with additional images by Mihran Serailian found in the companion volume, each taking their own unique approach to nearly 60 artworks depicting occult subject matter.

The initial concept for what became known as Hall’s “Great Book”, first began in 1923 when the young Los Angeles-based orator began a months-long trip around the globe. Circumnavigating by ship, Hall visited Egypt, China and India, immersing himself in the philosophical and religious history of each country. Upon his return he spent the next five years penning his massive compendium of philosophy and myth.

Nearly a century after its release, this iconic masterwork has been reproduced for the first time from the rare and extravagant original edition. This meticulously-restored version of Hall’s “Great Book” is also accompanied by an expansive companion book, featuring condensed summaries of each chapter of The Secret Teachings, alongside newly-discovered artworks, rare photography from Hall’s archives as well as essays from journalists Mitch Horowitz and Jessica Hundley.

The Secret Teachings of All Ages