Paul Klee: Construction of Mystery

InformaceAnglicky, 2018
PopisMonografie o jednom z nejdůležitějších a nejproduktivnějších umělců dvacátého století.
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Hmotnost1.80 Kg
Rozměr230x300 mm
Počet stran456

Bližší informace o knize "Paul Klee: Construction of Mystery"

Monografie o jednom z nejdůležitějších a nejproduktivnějších umělců dvacátého století. Paul Klee: Construction of Mystery, autor Oliver Kase.

Anotace knihy " Paul Klee: Construction of Mystery, autor Oliver Kase"

This opulent volume on Paul Klee celebrates one of the most important and productive artists of the twentieth century, whose work is as topical today as it ever was: growing out of the inner conflict of modern man, Klee’s imaginative works provide a link between the world of reason and the irrational “secrets” of human existence.

The works of Paul Klee (1879–1940) charm the viewer with their inventiveness, delight in experimentation, subtle humour and brilliant colour schemes. He contrasts the technical and rational tendencies of the 1920s with the significance of playfulness, intuition and artistic genius. Subdivided according to pictorial subjects of transcendental longing like ladders, mountains and stars as well as Bauhaus aspects of architecture and construction of space, the lavishly illustrated volume covering the period from 1905 until 1940 draws an impressive picture of Klee as an original “thinking artist” who confronts the challenges facing man in the modern age and brilliantly permits rational methods of picture construction to be transformed into the open and mysterious.

The distinguished collection of Klee’s works in Munich presented for the first time in conjunction with some 120 international loans
Painting as a mystery – a presentation of the secret of Paul Klee’s works
Major survey of all creative phases with an emphasis on the 1920s.

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