Monet (World of Art)

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Nejuznávanější a nejaktuálnější představení Monetu na trhu, napsané světovou autoritou o impresionismu a francouzském umění 19. století.

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The most authoritative and up-to-date introduction to Monet on the market, written by a world authority on Impressionism and 19th-century French art.

Claude Monet (1840–1926) is one of the most admired and famous painters of all time, and the architect of Impressionism: a revolution that gave birth to modern art. His technique – painting out of doors, at the seashore or in the city streets – was as radically new as his subject matter, the landscapes and middle-class pastimes of a newly industrialized Paris. Painting with an unprecedented immediacy and authenticity, Monet claimed that his work was something new: both natural and true.

In this new introductory study, James H. Rubin – one of the world’s foremost specialists in 19th-century French art – traces the development of Monet’s practice, from his early work as a caricaturist to the late paintings of waterlilies and his garden at Giverny. Rubin explores the cultura

Monet (World of Art)