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InformaceAnglicky, 2016
PopisJeff Koons (* 21. ledna 1955, York, Pensylvánie, USA) je americký umělec, známý především svými obrovskými zvětšeninami banálních předmětů - například…
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Jeff Koons (* 21. ledna 1955, York, Pensylvánie, USA) je americký umělec, známý především svými obrovskými zvětšeninami banálních předmětů - například zvířecími postavičkami z nafukovacích balonků reprodukovanými v pestrobarevné leštěné nerezové oceli. Koonsovy práce se prodávají za značné sumy. Cena přes 25 milionů dolarů za jednu z jeho Balonkových květin byla dokonce nejvyšší, za jakou kdy bylo vydraženo dílo dosud žijícího umělce. Koons, autor kolektiv.

Anotace knihy " Koons, autor kolektiv"

The creations of Jeff Koons (born 1955) are at once immediately accessible and eloquently art historical. From basketball tanks to flower puppies, his instantly recognizable work frolics with banal imagery as much as it integrates cultural references such as Surrealism and Pop Art.

Koons’ art revels in visual pleasure, but also in the power to affront. He has made his name as much for stainless-steel rabbits as he has with his sinister sculpture of Michael Jackson, or his sexually explicit photographic series with then-wife Cicciolina. The result is mega-artist status. An indisputable king of contemporary visual culture, Koons is lauded by collectors, institutions, and the public alike.

With landmark works and concise texts by Katy Siegel, Hans Werner Holzwarth, and Eckhard Schneider, this book offers the complete Koons at a glance, introducing an art world giant from his early inflatable flowers through to today.

From his first chalk drawings in the New York City subway stations, to his renowned “Radiant Baby” symbol, and his commissions for Swatch Watch and Absolut Vodka, Haring’s work was both emblematic of the manic work ethic of 1980s New York, yet distinctive for its social awareness. Belying their bright, playful aesthetics, his pieces often tackled intensely controversial socio-political issues, including racism, capitalism, religious fundamentalism, and the increasing impact of AIDS on New York’s gay community, the latter foreshadowing his own death from the disease in 1990.

In this vivid introduction to Haring’s work, we explore the dynamic life and innovative spirit of this singular artist, who spent little more than a decade in the spotlight, but through the accessibility of his visual vocabulary and the strength of his political commitment became one of the most significant artists to emerge from New York’s vibrant, downtown community.

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