Francis Bacon: Books and Painting

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Tento katalog, který vychází z první retrospektivní výstavy Francise Bacona v Paříži před dvacete lety, analyzuje Baconovo dílo od roku 1971 s ohledem na jeho vztah k literatuře.

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Název: Francis Bacon: Books and Painting  ISBN: 9780500239988  Jazyk: Anglicky  Rok:   EAN: 9780500239988  Hmotnost: 2.10 kg  Vazba: vázaná  Počet stran: 242  Rozměr: 239×307 mm  Nakladatel: Thames & Hudson
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Detail knihy ~ Francis Bacon: Books and Painting, Didier Ottinger

Published to accompany the first Francis Bacon retrospective in Paris for twenty years, this catalogue analyses Bacon s works from 1971 onwards in light of his relationship to literature. Bacon always vigorously opposed over-analysis of his paintings, preferring to interpret them in purely illustrative or symbolic terms; he admitted, however, that literature was a powerful stimulus to his imagination. The artist was inspired by the images conjured up by certain texts: Aeschylus phrase the reek of human blood smiles out at me in particular haunted Bacon, while his 1978 work Painting refers to T. S. Eliot s seminal poem The Waste Land. The inventory of Bacon s personal library has identified more than 1,300 books, ranging from Bataille and Conrad to Nietzsche and Leiris.

Including twelve of Bacon s renowned triptychs, this lavish publication features eleven gatefolds and some sixty paintings created by Bacon between 1971 and his death in 1992. Reproduced here with analyses of Bacon s paintings in the light of some of his most admired authors, these specially commissioned texts reveal new ways of understanding some of the most powerful works in the modern canon.
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Francis Bacon: Books and Painting