Chance Encounters

Autor: Anglicky2022Prestel

David Zinn’s amazing street drawings are created using chalk, charcoal and found objects, and each extraordinary drawing is only ever temporary. This book preserves Zinn’s art in all its colorful, hypnotic glory by collecting together never-before published images of his eye-popping creations.

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Název: Chance Encounters  ISBN: 9783791379364  Jazyk: Anglicky  Rok:   EAN: 9783791379364  Hmotnost: 0.50 kg  Vazba: vázaná  Počet stran: 160  Rozměr: 175x245 mm  Nakladatel: Prestel
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Detail knihy ~ Chance Encounters, David Zinn

Created over the last two years on streets across the globe, these adorably zany and deceptively three-dimensional characters come to life on manhole covers and streetlamps, village squares and subway platforms. Zinn’s most frequent characters are a bright green googly-eyed monster and a phlegmatic flying pig-but the diversity of his menagerie is limited only by the size of the sidewalk and the spirit of the day. In a brief introduction Zinn describes his creative process, explaining how he seeks out everyday imperfections to situate his art–such as sidewalk cracks and chips, tufts of weeds and sewer grates–and brief captions describe the provenance of each work. While these amazing drawings can no longer stop pedestrians in their tracks on the streets, they live on in book form to mesmerize and inspire readers of all ages.

Chance Encounters