Reading Architecture

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Anyone with an interest in buildings and the built environment would do well to purchase a copy of Owen Hopkins' book. - Monocle

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Název: Reading Architecture  ISBN: 9781529420340  Jazyk: Anglicky  Rok:   EAN: 9781529420340  Hmotnost: 1.10 kg  Vazba: brožovaná  Počet stran: 192  Rozměr: 210 x 270  mm  Nakladatel: Laurence King
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This innovative and unique book is a visual guide to the buildings that surround us. Architectural features are pinpointed and labelled on images of buildings so that, unlike with other architectural dictionaries, you don't have to know the name before looking it up. Clear line drawings and extensive colour photographs illustrate each of the main building types, from forts to churches, stately homes to skyscrapers. The individual structural elements and materials common to all buildings are then explained, whether in Classical, Gothic or Modernist style. A comprehensive glossary completes the book. This revised edition includes an expanded section on modern structures and materials, as well as the latest styles and concepts from the last ten years.

Reading Architecture