Steve Schapiro. Andy Warhol and Friends

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Sběratelská edice 600 výtisků (č. 101–700), každá očíslovaná a podepsaná Stevem Schapiro. Pevná vazba v akrylovém pouzdře, s vyklopenými deskami s originálními Warholovými uměleckými díly

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Název: Steve Schapiro. Andy Warhol and Friends  ISBN: 978-3-8365-9151-5  Jazyk: Anglicky  Rok: 222  EAN: 9783836591515  Hmotnost: 8.50 kg  Vazba: vázaná  Počet stran: 236  Rozměr: 263x373 mm  Nakladatel: Slovart
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Detail knihy ~ Steve Schapiro. Andy Warhol and Friends, Christian Brandstätter, Andreas J. Hirsch, Hans-Michael Koetzle

Pop Life
Pictures of Andy Warhol by Steve Schapiro
In 1965, Steve Schapiro started documenting Andy Warhol for Life magazine: Warhol was cementing a reputation as an important Pop artist who drew his inspiration from popular culture and commercial objects. With his sunglasses, blond wig, and bland public utterances, Warhol was enigmatic, charismatic, intensely ambitious, and aware that to become a star, you needed the presence of people to document your ascent. Schapiro, also ambitious and hardworking, who in his own words “kept quiet and smiled a lot,” was an ideal witness to Warhol’s relentless rise from cult New York artist to 20th-century icon. Ironically, Life never published the story, so many of these images are seen here for the first time, scanned from negatives found deep in Schapiro’s archive.

Between 1965 and 1966, Warhol was at his creative peak. In this period, Warhol turned his life into art and conceived the “Andy Warhol persona”—arguably his greatest masterpiece. Schapiro busily photographed Warhol and his entourage of superstars, including the legendary Edie Sedgwick and Nico, hanging out art openings,. making his underground movie Camp, working on his silkscreens at the Factory, and roaming the streets of New York. Schapiro was also present at the opening of Warhol’s first museum retrospective at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Philadelphia, attended by a hyped-up crowd of thousands —the night where art’s coolest new king was crowned and Andymania was born. The final stop on the Warhol express train is Los Angeles, where Andy exhibited his ironic Silver Clouds at the Ferus Gallery, stayed up with his gang atthe picturesque the Castle, and set up and filmed a performance by the cult band the Velvet Underground at the Trip.

Steve Schapiro. Andy Warhol and Friends