Pepin Fashion: Flower Power

Autor: Anglicky2014Ullmann Publishing

Pojem "flower power" je výraz spojený s mírovým hnutím mezi lety 1960 a 1970. To prostupuje prakticky všechny formy populární kultury té doby, včetně hudby, malířství a designu. anglický, německý, španělský, francouzský, italský

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Název: Pepin Fashion: Flower Power  ISBN: 9789460090028  Jazyk: Anglicky  Rok:   EAN: 9789460090028  Hmotnost: 0.60 kg  Počet stran: 160  Rozměr: 240 x 305 mm  Nakladatel: Ullmann Publishing
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The term “flower power” is an expression associated with the peace movement of the late 1960s and early 1970s. It permeated practically all forms of popular culture of the time, including music, painting and design. In fashion, flower power represents a striking style, using lots of strong and contrasting colours and bold, flowery imagery. This second volume in the PEPIN series contains more than 100 reproductions of typical flower power designs, as well as photographs of many amazing and beautiful flower power garments, such as flared trousers, tent dresses, jumpsuits and mini skirts. The new PEPIN Fashion, Textiles & Patterns series contains large-format, stunningly illustrated volumes on a wide range of styles. Each volume in the series will include concise, authoritative texts as well as information about technical aspects and a wealth of inspiration and visual resource material. The illustrations include photographs of clothes, historical images (including fashion plates), cutting schemes, decorative details and reproductions of fabric designs. Each volume includes a CD with ready-to-use files. The texts are in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

Pepin Fashion: Flower Power