Prague Brutally Beautiful

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Prague Brutally Beautiful is a publication that features distinguished personalities presenting exceptional buildings constructed in Prague between 1969 and 1989.

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Detail knihy ~ Prague Brutally Beautiful, Ondřej Horák

Education platform Scholastika decided to draw attention to this architecture and in 2015 kicked off a series of guided tours and lectures with renowned theoreticians, artists and architects, who presented the uniqueness and hidden beauty of these constructions. Gradually, some of these buildings started to irrecoverably disappear and it became necessary to think of a way, how to preserve this important part of our history for the general public.

Publication Prague Brutally Beautiful presents exceptional buildings constructed between 1969 and 1989 together with renowned personalities specialising in architecture: Michaela Janečková, Pavel Karous, Petr Klíma, Rostislav Koryčánek, Petr Kučera, Adam Štěch and Vladimir 518. Editor of the book is Ondřej Horák. In the book, Vladimir 518 presents the remarkable New Scene building of the National Theatre, the sculptor Pavel Karous shows artworks in public spaces from the period of normalisation. Petr Klíma will explain the architectural value of Kotva and Máj department stores. Buildings are captured by photographers Tomáš Souček, Petr Polák, Filip Šlapal and the artist duo BoysPlayNice, who focuses on photographing contemporary architecture.
Graphic studio OKOLO publishing a number of successfull books in the Czech Republic and abroad will design the publication Brutal Prague. High quality authors are needed for high quality texts as much as high quality paper is necessary for high quality photographs

Prague Brutally Beautiful