100 Sculptors of Tomorrow

Autor: Anglicky2019Thames & Hudson

100 sochařů zítřka s výběrem nejlepších objevujících se sochařů po celém světě.

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Název: 100 Sculptors of Tomorrow  ISBN: 9780500021934  Jazyk: Anglicky  Rok:   EAN: 9780500021477  Hmotnost: 1.38 kg  Vazba: vázaná  Počet stran: 312  Rozměr: 244x320 mm  Nakladatel: Thames & Hudson
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Detail knihy ~ 100 Sculptors of Tomorrow, Kurt Beers

How do you find the most promising emerging artists at work in a rapidly transforming medium? Bypassing traditional art world channels, 100 Sculptors of Tomorrow is the culmination of a major, democratic open call for up-and-coming sculptors. From thousands of entries, an internationally renowned jury has identified the most exciting names in sculpture today, all showcased in this beautifully illustrated, authoritative book. Featuring a selection of the finest emerging sculptors worldwide, 100 Sculptors of Tomorrow guides the reader with biographical summaries and first-hand artist testimonies, as well as recommended reading and jurors’ insights.

Following the much-respected 100 Painters of Tomorrow, which launched the careers of artists including Michael Armitage, Yelena Popova and Herman Chong, 100 Sculptors offers another powerful platform for artists and a fascinating, visually breathtaking experience for readers.

100 Sculptors of Tomorrow