100 Ideas That Changed Advertising

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100 světových nápadů, které změnili reklamu. Fascinující pohled do rychle se měnícího se průmyslu.

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Detail knihy ~ 100 Ideas That Changed Advertising, Simon Veksner

A chronicle of the key ideas that have shaped the adverts we see everyday, 100 Ideas That Changed Advertising offers a fascinating insight into an ever- changing and fast-moving industry. Arranged broadly chronologically, the book looks at the overnight revolutions, the flashes of inspiration and the long-term evolutions that advertisers have wrought upon their industry. Author Simon Veksner guides us through the key ideas behind these changes, from the development of the first advertising formats and the history of branding, to the creative revolutions of the 1960s and the digital age. Looking forward, the book considers the most recent thinking in reaching new audiences, including the rise of neuromarketing and the latest behavioural economics. Illustrated with hundreds of examples of adverts and explaining their power to inspire, delight and annoy, but above all, to make us buy, the book is an absorbing guide to a turbulent, highly-creative industry.

100 Ideas That Changed Advertising